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For less than 10 dollars on Amazon, I have shared everything I have learned about growing fruits and vegetables! Using the latest scientific research, I also demonstrate how this lifestyle and these fruits and vegetables will prevent a wide variety of diseases while improving the health of the earth.

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Edible Landscaping & Online Consulting

No matter where you live, for professional help about growing fruits and vegetables, "branch out" to me today about online consulting. farmerpat240@gmail.com

For individuals located in the Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania area, if you already grow food or would like to start growing, I can use my knowledge and experience to help you out. From restoring old apple trees, planting new fruit trees, blueberry bushes, and vegetables, I can help you harvest your dreams.

In-person consulting is also available wherever you are or we can schedule an appointment at the farm.




Harvesting health and happiness

Growing your own food is a basic yet powerful solution to a variety of issues from diabetes, depression, cancer, to environmental pollution.

As the ancient Greek Hippocrates said, "Your medicine is your food and your food your medicine".

Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or countryside, growing food will enhance your happiness and improve your health.

I am passionate about inspiring and educating people about growing food in a sustainable and effective manner.

My life goal is to inspire and educate one million people about how to grow food!

If you are concerned about the health of the planet, growing your own food immediately reduces pollution.