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Farmer Pat: Back to Your Roots. Learn How to Grow Vegetables & Fruits.

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Edible Landscaping & Online Consulting

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No matter where you live, if you would like professional help for growing fruits and vegetables, "branch out" to me today about online consulting and prices! farmerpat240@gmail.com

I can also provide in-person garden, fruit tree and flowerbed installation and maintenance services for individuals located in the Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania area.

In-person consulting is also available.  I can come wherever you are growing food or we can schedule an appointment at the farm.




Harvesting health and happiness

Growing food is a basic yet profound solution to a variety of issues from diabetes, depression, cancer, to environmental pollution.

I am passionate about inspiring and educating people about growing food in a sustainable manner.

As the ancient Greek Hippocrates said, "Your medicine is your food and your food your medicine".

Learning how to grow food will satisfy your stomach and your spirit.

Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or countryside, growing food will enhance your happiness and improve your health.

Especially important is the drastic reduction in resources when you grow your own.  Talk about an immediate way to lower pollution!

By getting back to the basics and back to our roots, by growing vegetables and fruits, we can harvest health and happiness.

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