A Berry Good Time

A berry good time can be hatched in a backyard blueberry patch.  From two dozen of the season’s first bushes, dozens of people gathered to pick berries and to share the fruits of life.  Since the third week of June, I have been fed berries by the spoon, led by the light of the sun and the wisdom of the moon.  Early in the morning twilight, there is such mystical delight. Imagine the sight of dew covered berries in the morning mist, how can you resist a bowl or two for breakfast! Right off the plant, such a life is sure to enchant.  What waste is involved when you grow food in the backyard?  Practically none!  I cannot help but think how many billions of souls are causing the earth to sink?  We eat so many meals a day and each time we throw away; plastic, paper, cardboard galore, surely the world cannot go on anymore.  I am sure humans will destroy the earth, unless they find her worth by getting back to their roots, back to growing vegetables and fruits.  A backyard blueberry patch, a sure way to snatch sustainability and to hatch memories with family and friends, it is never too late to begin.

Whoosh! Blueberries grow so fast! With a few years, you too can have vast amounts or blueberries to share.  If you care to find out how, check out my book now.

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