Back to Your Roots: How to Grow Vegetables, Fruits, Health & Happiness

A few days shy of my 29th birthday, and I am very pleased to have recently published my first book. At 26 years old, I began writing this book to document how to grow food and the health benefits of these foods/lifestyle. It is satisfying knowing what I have learned about growing food from my mentors, college professors and personal experience will forever be available. Using a wide variety of peer reviewed scientific studies, I also indicate how this lifestyle and these fruits and vegetables will prevent diseases and improve one’s health. My contribution to medicine will be through prevention by inspiring and educating people about growing food and a healthy lifestyle. Science continues to demonstrate that if more people became actively involved in the acquisition of their food, especially by growing it themselves, they will be happier and healthier mentally and physically.

While this is a major accomplishment, my work is not and never will be completed! I am already half-way through writing my second book, a mainly philosophical work similar to Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Of course, I will continue to post videos and information to my YouTube and Instagram sites. In addition, check this blog periodically for new positive articles on growing food, health, exercise, and overall well-being.

I look forward to growing healthy and happy with you!

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